A cowboy and an Australian walk into a bar...

No but seriously. We walked into our favorite dive bar in Koreatown, Los Angeles, around the corner from our apartment and came up with "Apartment 403".

Our style is reflective in the pieces we have online for you. It's a little rock'n'roll, its a little country, its a little rough around the edges and we want to share it with you, lucky mother fuckers!

Buying vintage clothing is a small contribution to making our world more sustainable, and therefore more enjoyable for all of us. 85% of all textiles go to the dump every year! That shit doesn't fly with us. Transformation of the fashion industry requires disruptive innovation of processes and business models that we plan to be at the forefront of.

We want you to get as excited about finding these vintage gems, as well as knowing you're making a small difference and helping us make a change in the world we all truly need.

 Nick & Emma